40 years for company with origin in a shed

JPCT 18-07-12 S12280641X Paul and Jim Edwards, Pentagon Plastics, Blatchford Road, Horsham -photo by Steve Cobb
JPCT 18-07-12 S12280641X Paul and Jim Edwards, Pentagon Plastics, Blatchford Road, Horsham -photo by Steve Cobb

A small Horsham family business that started out life in the back of a shed is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year as it now employs 29 people.

Pentagon Plastics, currently in Blatchford Road, is a plastic injection moulding company that started off as Small Batch Plastics.

Jim Edwards founded the company in June 1972, running it out of a shed, with his daughter’s bedroom doubling as an office.

He remains chairman, but has turned the running of the business over to his son.

Paul Edwards, now managing director, said: “Reaching our 40th anniversary is very exciting and to achieve this whilst remaining a family-run company makes it all the more special.

“From our humble beginnings we have survived three recessions, maintained our own identity by not being swallowed up into a larger organisation and are very proud to support the local economy.

“The staff are the backbone of the business and I am looking forward to the company going from strength to strength over the coming years.”

Originally a sales representative for Hellermann Deutsch, now Deutsch, Jim was asked by customers to provide prices for development of plastic injection moulded parts or low volume production. Like many moulders at the time, his company was unable to support this as they were geared for high-volume production.

Having identified this niche area, and with the support of his employer, Jim secured the use of a small holding owned by his family and invested in the necessary machines and infrastructure to provide this service.

Having overcome various hurdles, which Jim tackled with a strong drive and a determination, he succeeded in the delivery of a first class service while providing for his young family.

The company is a pioneer of the part-owned modular insert system of tooling that many of its customers still enjoy today to develop parts or deliver a low cost product to the market in the keenest time.

They will shortly be announcing plans for the company’s future growth.

For more information visit www.pentagonplastics.co.uk