38 jobs at risk of redundancy at RSA, Horsham

JPCT-08-02-12 RSA, Horsham S12060911a -photo by Steve Cobb
JPCT-08-02-12 RSA, Horsham S12060911a -photo by Steve Cobb

Employees working for RSA’s Commercial Mid Market Operation at the insurance firm’s Chart Way premises in Horsham were this morning informed their jobs are at risk of redundancy.

38 people are affected by a company decision to review this aspect of the business.

An RSA spokesperson said: “Following a comprehensive review we have taken the decision to reduce our number of Commercial Mid Market Operations teams from four to three.

“As a result, 38 roles in Horsham are at risk of redundancy.

“We are making every effort to support our staff affected by this and will seek to redeploy as many people as possible.”

Speaking to the County Times the spokesperson confirmed RSA, which employs 850 in the town, remains committed to Horsham.

“We are 100 per cent committed to Horsham, It is historically very important to us and will continue to be very important to us.”

Asked if further consolidation of the business would be forthcoming in the near future, the spokesperson said that while RSA continually strives to run its operations as efficiently as possible, there are no plans in the pipeline that would affect other employees in Horsham.

“This is very much an exercise for this part of our business, it is not indicative of a broader programme,” said the spokesperson.