Bus depot site clash

WARNHAM Bus Depot has come under fire over intensified use of the site.

WARNHAM Bus Depot has come under fire over intensified use of the site.Arriva Bus Company took on responsibility for a number of additional bus services in the district following the closure of Tillingbourne Bus Company in March.The absorption of these additional services has had a major impact on the operation of the depot in Station Road, aggravated by the fact Arriva no longer operates from Crawley Bus Garage.Problems came to light as Arriva Surrey and West Sussex applied to replace a Portacabin office at the depot with a new and slightly larger structure, for a further temporary period.At Horsham District Council development control committee (north) on Tuesday (Nov 6), Jean Burnham (Con, Warnham) said it was no place for a bus depot and an alternative should be found."It really is not a place for a bus depot," she explained, "What I would like is for the officers to find another site for a depot because we need the buses but not where they are."Referring to the bus depot as "one of those extraordinary things before planning was ever heard of" she said houses were built in front of it for people working at the brick works."Now 21 buses squeeze in there. They start up about 6am and they really cause a lot of trouble and there is nothing we can do about it because of planning," she said.The council received five written objections complaining of the greatly increased use of the site, parking in the road, highway safety, noise, smell and loss of privacy.Planning officers said the bus company should assess its requirements over the coming year and advised councillors that office permission beyond two years was inappropriate.Temporary planning permission for the Portacabin was granted until November 30, 2003.