Burglars targeted in Waverley

OFFICERS in Waverley have been proactively targeting burglars and giving door-to-door crime prevention advice over the last month as part of a campaign to reduce offending in the borough.

The Burglary Days of Action, which involved both covert and overt action, has resulted in burglary rates in Waverley falling by nearly half. In the two burglary hotspot areas of Godalming and Haslemere, offences have fallen by more than 80 per cent.

The fortnight operation, which took place between Wednesday March 30, and Wednesday April 13, involved 30 officers from the borough’s Safer Neighbourhood Teams and Uniformed Proactive Teams. Action included high visibility uniformed patrols as well as covert plain clothed patrols of areas previously targeted by burglars.

Waverley Neighbourhood Inspector Tom Budd said: “We have seen a significant drop in burglaries throughout the borough, particularly in the recent hotspots of Godalming and Haslemere, as a result of our Burglary Days of Action. While we made several arrests during the fortnight, the operation also allowed officers to give residents first-hand advice on how they can protect their home and reduce the chances of being a victim of crime.

“The feedback that officers on the ground received was very positive and we are already looking at carrying out similar high visibility patrols with our Special Constables in the near future.

“Hopefully this action shows residents that we will respond quickly to their issues and concerns and will effectively use our resources to continue to make the borough a safe place to live and work.”