Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre faces closure - add your comments

Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre.
Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre.

BROADBRIDGE Heath Leisure Centre has been deemed ‘surplus to requirements’ according to a consultant’s report.

The facility is now recommended for demolition.

Horsham District Council have released the findings of a £6,000 Leisure Futures Study this week, revealing an ‘over supply of sports halls and fitness gyms in the north of the district’.

It recommends the council agrees ‘in principle to decommission and close Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre from December 2012, with a view to demolish the building’.

The centre needs repairs of between £1.3 million and £1.5 million to the roof, mechanics and electrics and fabric of the building, discovered when the council was preparing to renew its management contract for the end of November 2012.

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What do you think? Should this facility be saved - would it be money well spent?

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