Broadbridge Heath flooding fears

Flooding in Old Wickhurst Lane (photo by James Hadden).
Flooding in Old Wickhurst Lane (photo by James Hadden).

Flooding in Broadbridge Heath has led readers to contact the County Times about the impact the new development may have on the surrounding area.

Dubbed Wickhurst Green, the Countryside Properties site where 963 homes will be built, is adjacent to Old Wickhurst Lane where flooding has occurred over recent weeks.

However a spokesperson for Countryside Properties said: “We are aware that this is a long term and pre existing condition which has not been caused as a result of the development South of Broadbridge Heath.

“However, as part of the ongoing development works, Countryside Properties will be implementing a surface water drainage scheme to mitigate the impact of development which will include a series of underground storage tanks and attenuation basins in combination with a high quality landscaping scheme.

“This has been agreed with both Horsham District Council and the Environment Agency.”

Twitter user @MrsDenyer added: “And where do they want to build? Madness!”

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