Brinsbury’s land-based success rates second highest in country

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Chichester College’s Brinsbury campus in Pulborough has been celebrating recently after discovering that the success rates for their land based courses are the second highest in the country.

The success rates, which take into consideration all ages across all levels of qualification in a variety of land based courses such as Agriculture, have risen steadily over the past two years from 86.4% in the 2010-2011 academic year to a massive 92% in 2012-2013.

Alison Kent, Director of Brinsbury campus was understandably elated at the results: “We are absolutely delighted that all the hard work of our students has been reflected in these brilliant success rates.

“Our staff team set very high expectations for our students and work hard with each student to make sure that they can achieve to their best ability and to train them ready for a competitive working environment. Seeing students leave us with such great results and so ready for work means that we are proud and satisfied that we have done our jobs well,” she said.

Not only are the success rates second in the country amongst land-based courses but when retention rates are taken into consideration Chichester College comes top of the pile.

With such a huge increase in both success and retention it is clear to see that Chichester College’s Brinsbury campus continues to prove that it is the premier location to build a future in the land-based industries with dedicated staff and top class facilities ensuring that students are given every opportunity to succeed.

Report contributed by Chichester College.