Brinsbury Campus to hold Animal Care Holiday Club

Gandalf the giant rabbit SUS-150807-142054001
Gandalf the giant rabbit SUS-150807-142054001

Brinsbury Campus Animal Centre, in Pulborough has some unusual residents including the oldest, a 19 year old Tarantula spider called Marilyn, Arthur the Python and Gandalf the giant rabbit.

Over 400 animals are housed in the centre as Brinsbury runs a range of further education animal care courses during the term time, but in the Summer when the students are on holiday, there is the chance to open up the facilities to others who can benefit from the centre.

“We are looking forward to introducing some of the animals to the children this Summer and teaching them good pet care practices; although at the moment we are working hard to make sure that the animals are kept cool in the hot weather.

“We are making mini paddling pools to help them cool down, ensuring that there is lots of shade and fresh air circulating and when we can we give them frozen food treats to help them keep cool.” Claire Smith, Brinsbury Animal Centre.

This unique opportunity gives older children 12+ the chance to enjoy an Animal Experience Day, they will handle a range of animals from farmyard and small mammals, to the more exotic like snakes and lizards. They will be guided by Brinsbury tutors and gain experience of what it would be like to work with animals. A great birthday treat or special day out. They receive a certificate and a visual record of their day.

Younger children from 8-12 can enjoy a full or half day in the Animal Care Holiday Club; they will learn basic pet care, enjoy nature trails, animal tracking, bush skills, simple science and much more. Either full or half day sessions are offered

For information and to book the days and clubs call: 01243 786321 ext 1411

Holiday clubs are £10 (half day), £20 (full day) and the Special Animal Experience Days £85.

Report and picture contributed by Anna White.