Bride arrives to wedding late in dad’s Nissan Micra

Emily Edwards with her dad on the day of her wedding
Emily Edwards with her dad on the day of her wedding

It must be every bride’s worst nightmare.

Fifteen minutes before Emily Edwards’ hired wedding car was meant to pick up the wife-to-be, her bridesmaids and dad, the company calls to suggest she make ‘alternative arrangements’.

“We were panicking, I just couldn’t believe it,” said the 31-year-old, who had organised a VW camper van to escort everyone to St Mary’s Church in the Causeway, Horsham, on Saturday afternoon.

She told the County Times: “We were all ready to go at 12.30pm, then I started to wonder where they were. Fifteen minutes before they were meant to arrive I got a call saying that the car’s not starting and I should make alternative arrangements.

“All the bridesmaids were excited because before I was sending them photos. But my main concern was how am I going to get everyone to the wedding? It was a stressful emotional time.”

There was one option, however, and Emily’s quick-thinking dad sprung into action, grabbing the keys to his Nissan Micra.

“Weddings are so expensive any way,” she continued. “And when we were planning it we thought the car was the one thing that doesn’t really enhance the guest experience, but I said at the time ‘I can’t actually turn up to the wedding in my dad’s Nissan Micra’.

“It was kind of a running joke, and that’s actually what happened on the day!”

Determined not to let it spoil her wedding, an ‘annoyed’ Emily swallowed her pride and got inside the car she describes as ‘dirty’.

Meanwhile others were shoehorned into her brother-in-law’s car.

“I felt sorry for my dad because I kept saying how humiliated I was.

“I was desperate not to stop at one traffic light out of fear that lots of people would look in the window and see me.”

The fun wasn’t over yet though, as the bride soon found herself stuck behind a van towing a car.

“But we got there in the end and we weren’t too late - just fashionably late.

“It’s quite funny looking back now but very embarrassing on the day.”

The newlyweds, who have just moved out of Horsham and into Cranleigh, said the day was ‘amazing’.

“We chose the church because we thought it was beautiful.

“We always wanted quite a small wedding, and we had everyone up dancing at the end of the night.

“It was just better than I could have ever imagined,” she added.