BREAKING NEWS: New recommendations published for future of Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre

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A STATEMENT regarding the future of Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre is to be released this morning by Horsham District Council.

The County Times can exclusively reveal that the council statement will say:

Horsham District Council’s Cabinet Member for Leisure has today announced that he will be proposing revised recommendations regarding Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre, for consideration by the full Council this Wednesday evening.

Under the new recommendations the Council will be asked to approve the removal of Broadbridge Heath from the Leisure Management contract that is currently being retendered. This will enable the retendering process to proceed unhindered while the future of the Leisure Centre is determined and help the Council to achieve optimum value from the retendered contract.

In addition, Jonathan Chowen will also now propose that a detailed Business Case about the potential future of the centre and relocation of organisations and facilities is prepared. The business case would be the subject of full consultation with all relevant stakeholders and will be reported back to a meeting of the full Council by May 2012.

A copy of the new recommendations that Jonathan Chowen will present to Council appears below.

The Cabinet Member for Leisure Services Jonathan Chowen said: “I have listened carefully to all the views that have been expressed during this very public debate about Broadbridge Heath. I accept that people do want to see a more detailed business case before irrevocable decisions about the future of Broadbridge Heath are taken by the full Council. They also want reassurance that the process for identifying opportunities for relocation and reprovision has been completed and a robust transition plan put in place to protect the Centre’s existing clubs, associations and other users. Above all they want to know that our plans are affordable and sustainable over the long term. I am confident that the further work I am now proposing, and my continuing dialogue with stakeholders, will meet these concerns, without causing us to lose focus on solutions to the challenging financial times in which we find ourselves”.



(i) The Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre is excluded from the new Leisure Management contract.

(ii) A detailed business case relating to the future of the Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre is prepared, for consultation with current leaseholders, core users and other stakeholders.

(iii) A Planning Brief for the Broadbridge Heath Quadrant, together with an appraisal of options for the future of the Leisure Centre site and adjacent Council owned land, are prepared and are reported to Council for approval.

(iv) The Business Case and the results of consultations shall be submitted to the Council for decision by May 2012. No final decision about the future of the centre will be made until the reports referred to in recommendations (ii) and (iii) have been approved by Council.