BOOK REVIEW: The Six Ways of Atheism

THE books sent to me to review tend to be either so light they float off the desk into the air, or so heavy that if they fall on to your foot they break it. There's no prizes for guessing that Geoffrey Berg's The Six Ways of Atheism (£9.50p, via the internet) comes in the latter category.

I am always a bit dubious too when authors describe their work as `groundbreaking.' A graduate of Cambridge University, Berg presents his case in cogent fashion and no doubt non believers will take to it like a cat to a saucer of kipper fillets while those who have the faith will simply turn over on their side and fall into a blissful slumber.

Another groundbreaking (there's that word again) step is that copies have been sent out to public libraries. I suppose they'll file it under religion.

Mark Gale