Bollywood comes to Farlington School

Bollywood at Farlington SUS-140929-163740001
Bollywood at Farlington SUS-140929-163740001

Girls at Farlington Prep School swapped the classroom for the dance studio by taking part in Indian Dance Week.

The girls from Prep 3 to 6 learnt several Bollywood-inspired routines during the week, as well as a variety of different hand gestures fundamental to Indian Dance.

The week concluded with a fantastic performance in assembly on Friday September 19, culminating in dance to the ever popular ‘Jai Ho’, which saw more than 70 girls working and dancing together.

The girls enjoyed the workshops greatly. One girl commented: “I enjoyed ‘Jai Ho’ because at the end we shout really loudly. I also liked learning the five different hand movements.”

The workshops were led and choreographed by Chloe Greer, ex-head girl at Farlington. A current third year BA (Hons) Dance Performance student at Falmouth University, she visited the school as part of her ‘Practice in Context’ module to explore the avenues she hopes to pursue after her degree – one of which is to teach.

Report and pictures contributed by Farlington School.