Billingshurst woman receives Weight Watchers award

Sharon Ashborn with her award
Sharon Ashborn with her award

A Billingshurst woman has been given a Diamond Coach award for her 15 years of helping people towards a healthier lifestyle with Weight Watchers.

Sharon Ashborn first joined Weight Watchers as a member in 2002 after struggling with her confidence during a hot summer.

Sharon said: “I was fat, fed up, hot and sweaty and felt frumpy and older than my years!

“I was struggling to have the energy to run around after two small children and my confidence was rock bottom.”

When Sharon was nearer to her goal weight she decided to apply to become a coach so that she could help other people on their journeys.

Sharon added: “I love people, I love coaching people and I love seeing members blossom and grow in confidence as they lose weight and take control of their food habits.

“I have had 20 members already this year reach goal with a few more within pounds of achieving this award,”

On recalling some of the changes that she has seen over the years, Sharon said: “We now use modern technology with iPads and credit card machines in all meetings.

“I remember being one of the first coaches to trial the card machine!

“We still offer the same first class personal service to all our members and brand standards are of utmost importance now alongside diversity of coaches.”

With the recent launch of Weight Watchers Flex, Sharon continuously encourages her members to enjoy food with freedom, teaches them to adopt healthy eating habits and equips them with the skills to help shift their mindset on what really matters during their new healthy lifestyle and weight loss journey.

Sharon said: “My members range from 13 to over 80 and I have women and men in all six of my meetings.

“My meetings are a safe place for members to be themselves, sharing good and bad, celebrating success and troubles. The members bring positivity, enthusiasm and support to the meetings, helping one another to achieve their goals.”

With the support of Sharon, member Susie recently reached her goal.

Susie said: “I joined Weight Watchers in August 2017 after unsuccessfully trying to lose weight my own way.

“I picked Sharon’s Monday meeting as my daughter had dance classes in the same building, Sharon and her team instantly welcomed me.

“Sharon truly cares about her members and takes the time to listen if people are having a difficult week.

“She provides support and we always have a giggle in her meetings which I love due to Sharon’s fun personality.”

Twelve weeks after joining, Susie achieved reaching her own goal weight.

She added: “What I love about Sharon is her genuine, committed and supportive attitude to her leadership and her non-judgemental approach.

“She truly is an inspirational lady.”

As well as job satisfaction, Sharon puts her love of being a coach down to the support of her area service manager, Zoe, and says that as well as regular training, there is a great team around her, on hand to support her if she needs it too.

Sharon added: “I have worked for many different people and companies over the years and this is without a doubt the best job in the world with real enjoyment, a sense of belonging, fun and purpose.”

Sharon runs six meetings a week across West Sussex.

Her meetings are: Monday at 5.30pm at Broadfield Youth and Community Centre, Tuesday at 6.30pm at Southwater Leisure Centre, Thursday at 8.45am and 10am at Southwater Leisure Centre, Friday at 9.30am at Haywards Heath St Wilfrids Church Hall and Saturday at 9.45am at Broadfield Youth and Community Centre.

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