Billingshurst footballer turned DJ’s dream to ‘make it big’

DJ Oli Leslie - picture from Pittaz Pics
DJ Oli Leslie - picture from Pittaz Pics

A Billingshurst footballer has made his name as a DJ and had the opportunity to work with television stars.

Oli Leslie, 23, who plays for Billingshurst Football Club, has been spending his days working for Bluecoats Sports Centre and by night DJing in pubs and clubs.

It all started in a club in Greece.

He said: “Breaking through on the club scene in Zante 2013 and playing in one of the biggest clubs on the island, Aussies, was a big start for me.

“All the feedback and response I received made me realise I actually had a talent for this sort of thing! When returning to England it was still very hard to find work, but eventually I slowly built a foundation doing the odd night a week wherever I could.”

He offered to play at weddings, birthdays or covering shifts, doing trial sessions.

He said: “Eventually I then received a regular slot in Anjelique in Crawley playing and have ended up playing with cast members from The Only Way Is Essex.

“A big moment was playing in London over the summer as I got to DJ at The Made In Chelsea Party at Aquila, with the likes of Jamie Laing.”

He believes his success has been due to his respect and loyalty for others, which he says can be rare in the industry.

He said: “If you’re well liked and well known for that, as well as being a good DJ and working hard, then people want to work with you. I just hope that I can keep progressing and keep getting the attention of more and more venues.

“I’m aiming to make it big and I’ve only just started.”

He is now setting his sights abroad. He added: “I’m currently booking gigs in Cancun, Mexico and aim to venture to other European hot spots as I did in 2013.”