Bike ride from the Arctic to Africa to support good causes in Ghana

County Times June 13
County Times June 13

A dedicated team of cyclists have begun a remarkable journey from the Arctic Circle to Ghana, on the west coast of Africa .

Kinza Mason, 25, of Nymans Close, Horsham, told the County Times that their team of six are riding for the Raising Hope Foundation (RHF), a charity she set up in 2009.

The foundation works with orphans and vulnerable people in Ghana, and has raised nearly £100,000 so far.

They hope that this challenge will raise a further £20,000 - enough to finish building a new orphanage at their finish line in Santrokofi.

Kinza, who works at South Lodge Hotel, said she has never taken on such a challenge before. She herself will miss one leg of the trip, as she will have to return to the UK to continue her training to be a maths teacher.

Team members Michelle Cassell, Tom Smith, Chris Thomas, Mark Watson and Ashley Middlewick will complete the full 5,000 mile route.

They expect to take about ten weeks, averaging 100 miles per day, while carrying all of their own gear and camping equipment.

After reaching Santrokofi, they will take part in an annual summer school project, run by the RHF.

The route runs from Scandanavia’s northern tip - Nordkapp Hornvika - passing through Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain and Morocco to Dakhla in Western Sahara - as far as they can safely travel by land. They will fly to Accra in Ghana, with RHF volunteers joining them for the ride to Santrokofi.

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