Big catch for Horsham fish and chip shop

Mr Chips in Horsham wins 1 tonne of cod from Norwegian Seafood Council
Mr Chips in Horsham wins 1 tonne of cod from Norwegian Seafood Council

A fish and chip shop in Horsham has won a tonne of fish and is celebrating by offering customers a heavy discount tomorrow (Friday June 8).

Mr Chips, based in the Bishopric, will be offering Norwegian cod and chips for 50p on Friday June 8, down from the usual price of £5.05.

County Times readers can take advantage of this offer by cutting out the coupon on page 70.

The chip shop was picked as a random winner by the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC), which promotes sustainable seafood from the Scandanavian country.

Peter Scroggs, who runs the chip shop with his son and business partner Simon, said: “We are thrilled to have won and would like to thank the NSC.

“We have offered our customers Norwegian fish for over 40 years because it is consistently the best in quality, taste and of course sustainability credentials.”

Simon added: “Selling sustainable fish is very important to the business - for the last five years we have proactively promoted the fact that we only stock sustainable fish because of so many negative stories reporting the dwindling cod stocks in British waters.

“As a result we noticed that our sales were being negatively impacted, however since we have started to inform customers about the sustainable Norwegian cod and haddock on offer, we have seen trade improve considerably, so we are more than happy to continue stocking sustainable, Norwegian seafood.”

Johan Kvalheim, NSC Director, said: “The NSC would like to congratulate Mr Chips on its win – we are so pleased Norwegian seafood has had a positive impact on their business.

“Norwegian cod and haddock are both totally sustainable, and we know that this is very important to British fish and chip shops and their customers.”