Bereavement guide produced

A GUIDE to help people who have suffered a bereavement has been produced by West Sussex County Council’s Registration Service.

Pete Bradbury, the County Council Cabinet Member responsible for the Service, said: “The brochure has two principle aims. The first is to help people as they face probably one of the most stressful and sad times in their lives.

“The second is to provide helpful advice and information.”

The Guide covers:

What to do when a person dies – where to go, who to contact, what action needs to be taken.

Emotional help – the many organisations that can assist people to cope with grief.

The work of the Coroner – including inquests.

The scattering and interring of ashes.

Roadside memorials and tributes.

Leaving money to charity.

A comprehensive checklist details the many organisations people may need to contact to tell them about the death.

The Guide concludes with The Last Farewell, which focuses on music at funerals.

“Music can evoke powerful emotions and in recent years people have been keen to add a more modern twist to their funeral by requesting contemporary songs,” says the Guide.

The Guide is available at a range of venues, including Libraries, Help Points, Registration Offices, GPs surgeries, and related businesses. It can also be viewed on the County Council website: