Bereavement charity to trial group sessions in Horsham

CRUSE Bereavement Care West Sussex Area (Cruse WSA) is going to set up and run a Bereavement Support Group for eight bereaved adults living in the Crawley and Horsham area, at Trafalgar Road Church.

The group is scheduled to start on 6th June at 6.30pm and will run for eight weeks, for 90minutes weekly.

The bereaved clients taking part in the group will be supported by two of our most experienced and qualified Mid-Sussex Bereavement Volunteers both of whom will be overseen by an experienced Clinical Supervisor.

At the end of the group sessions each client will be offered the most appropriate ongoing support as required.

The majority of our bereaved clients whether children or adults receive one-to-one support from a trained Bereavement Volunteer in their own home.

However, there are regularly a number of individuals who specifically request to work in a Bereavement Support Group, which is therapeutic in purpose and has clearly defined objectives and boundaries.

This type of therapeutic approach has very specific advantages, offering clients opportunities to share their grief with others and use art and craft materials to express strong emotions helping them to develop a meaningful story of what has happened and recognise how the bereavement has impacted their lives.

Significantly, it also gives clients opportunities to support each other both during the course of the group and after it has finished.

Therapeutic groups are particularly effective for those who feel isolated and alone in their grief and there is strong clinical evidence for their efficacy.

Although, at present this Bereavement Support Group is a one-off project, we see this initiative as a pilot and intend it to lead on to regular Bereavement Support groups being run in the area in the future.

If you have any queries about the project or would like to join us, please do contact Eve on:

0770 0038733 or

Judi Kitson-Harris and Eve Fegredo

Cruse Bereavement Volunteers

Mid-Sussex Branch