Beetle-mania grips primary school

Beetle-mania takes hold at Warninglid Primary School
Beetle-mania takes hold at Warninglid Primary School

There was a spot of Beetle-mania going on when award winning, international bestselling, children’s author M.G Leonard popped in to a school to talk about her favourite insect.

M.G paid a visit Warninglid Primary School to talk about everything to do with beetles.

Author M.G Leonard shows off her book 'Beetle Boy'

Author M.G Leonard shows off her book 'Beetle Boy'

Fresh from her appearance on BBC’s Springwatch Unsprung and the Hay Festival, she enthused and regaled a captive audience.

Who knew that frog legged beetles created static electricity and that if it weren’t for dung beetles we would be up to our armpits in dung.

The morning flew by finishing with a wonderfully animated and expressive excerpt from Beetle Queen starring the dastardly villain Lucretia Cutter.

The children were also able to get up close and personal to beetles Hector and Moticella, Jewel Stag Beetles and Barry and Bessie African Rhino Beetles. ‘A real treat - they felt like velvet’ and the jewel beetles ‘had amazing colours!’ the children said. Skylarks and Kestrels classes were also lucky to see the beetles actually take to the air and it was very lucky that all the windows were closed.

The older years were able to attend creative writing workshops with M.G and the opportunity to get some first-hand experience and tips from one of the best in the business, while the youngest years enjoyed a day drawing their own beetles and naming the different parts of their anatomy.

As the day drew to a close everyone shared a magnificent jewel beetle cake that Mrs Hill had decorated especially for the occasion. M.G signed copies of her books for all the children and a few grown-ups too.

Overall, the pupils had a truly wonderful day. M.G’s third book in the trilogy - Battle of the Beetles, will be out next year.