Beekeeping beginners day

Readers' news
Readers' news

The Wisborough Green Division of the West Sussex Beekeepers Association is holding a Beekeeping Beginners Day on Saturday March 8th 2014 at Pulborough Village Hall.

This is the ninth year of this popular event that is one of the largest beginner’s courses in the country. Many attendees have been recommended by others who have previously attended, many coming from some distance away.

This highly regarded course has been designed and will be presented by experienced beekeepers who teach at the large well equipped Wisborough Green teaching apiary.

This has been at the same location for over 45 years and the experience gained from teaching a large number of beginners has helped in developing the course.

It will suit those who have no experience of beekeeping, but would like to investigate this absorbing hobby that is fast growing in popularity.

It is also suitable for those who have some experience and may have kept bees for a short time, but not had any guidance. Many people have always wanted to keep bees but need to know more.

How much time will it take? How much will it cost? Is my garden suitable? How much do I need to know? All these usual questions will be answered without having to make any commitment.

For those who think they will be able to manage there will be follow up sessions at the teaching apiary in the active season. These will be under the supervision of experienced beekeepers with protective equipment provided.

Amongst the subjects covered will be how to start, information sources, teaching facilities, siting beehives, equipment required, what bees collect, the bees’ life cycle, and much, much, more. Contact Roger Patterson 01403 790 637, 07976 306 492, for course details, or Gordon Allan 01798 343470, to book.

The Wisborough Green Division is the largest in West Sussex BKA and covers a wide area. Information will be available for surrounding beekeeping associations.

Details of this friendly group can be found on where you can find further details of the Beginners Day.

Report contributed by John Glover on behalf of the WGBKA.