Bee invasion ‘like something from America’s deadliest encounters programme’

Swarm of bees by Shirley Grimshaw ENGANL00120130807152732
Swarm of bees by Shirley Grimshaw ENGANL00120130807152732

Thousands of tiny insects have descended upon Horsham in what has been described as something in one of ‘America’s deadliest encounters programmes’.

Bee swarms reach their peak around this time every year, and countless people have witnessed the more intimidating side of nature across the district.

A huge swarm was spotted in the North Heath Lane area of Horsham over the weekend.

Sam Reeves posted a photo with a warning on Facebook.

On Sunday (May 18) he said: “I think someone must have had a pest control visit this morning as we had them flying around everywhere in Blenheim Road and it looked like they found a new home in a tree by our house, but about an hour ago they made their way again across the field towards pondtail road.

“There was thousands, like something from one of them America’s deadliest encounters programs.

“They’re probably not out to get you but it certainly makes you run indoors when they fly over.”

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