Bat species may be at proposed Tesco site

Photo by Mike Dancy Silver Wok Tesco
Photo by Mike Dancy Silver Wok Tesco

Several species of bat may be hibernating at a Horsham site due to become a Tesco Express this summer, according to a wildlife expert.

During a Forest Neighbourhood Council meeting on Monday where residents raised concerns over the old Silver Wok site in Brighton Road, a wildlife expert said that neighbours had reported seeing bats near the site, and raised the possibility they might be hibernating behind the wooden cladding.

Bats are a protected species, and special checks are required for development where bats are found.

The Silver Wok has moved to Queen Street, but more than 800 signatures have been gathered protesting against its replacement.

Mike Dancy, of St Leonard’s Road, said that there was a sense of dismay and frustration among residents that they had no opportunity to discuss the merits of the scheme.

He has called a public meeting for Monday March 25 at Horsham Rugby Club in Hammerpond Lane at 8pm for residents to discuss the plans.

Horsham district councillor David Holmes(LDem, Horsham Park) called for West Sussex County Council to be proactive in dealing with the St Leonard’s Road junction issues.

While FNC could not demand anything of Tesco since they do not need planning permission since there is no change of use, chairman Diane Sumpter said they would exert pressure on the supermarket chain to resolve any traffic problems.