Back to the past in Nuthurst

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A NEW local history society will look at the estates and farms, families and individuals, houses an properties of past times in the parish of Nuthurst.

The Parish of Nuthurst Local History Society launch on November 25 at the Church of The Good Shepherd, Mannings Heath, was attended by 25 people who signed up as members.

Its investigations will embrace Mannings Heath and the five hamlets of Monks Gate, Nuthurst, Maplehurst, Copsale and Sedgwick.

It will also be taking a wider view and studying the adjacent area – but without encroaching on the purview of other local groups, with whom links will be forged.

The society will be delving into the way of life of residents and their occupations and how these have changed over the years.

Social activities, notable events and special happenings in the parish, the manner in which the communities have evolved and the changes that technological developments have introduced in such areas as travel and transport will be included.

Secretary Tony Turner said: “It is very hard to describe where the boundaries of the society’s work might lie. There are so many fascinating new angles that seem to invite further investigation.

“The work that has been done over the past year in the lead up to the formal start of the new society has convinced many that the parish is not a nondescript, quiet part of the county where nothing much has happened over the past few centuries. Quite the contrary in fact!

“Already dozens of pieces of information, memoirs, diaries, stories and pictures have been unearthed that most of the inhabitants of the parish would be quite astonished to hear about and see.”

There is full membership for those who want to attend meetings and participate in the society’s work or associate membership for those who are interested in learning about what comes to light.

Contact Dorothy Hatfield at if you would like to become a member, or contact the society’s secretary, Tony Turner, at for more information.

The next meeting is at the Church of the Good Shepherd, Church Road, Mannings Heath, on January 6 at 7.30pm. More than 100 postcards will be shown on a big screen and pictures of the parish in times past that have already come to light.

The Society would very much like to see any photos or pictures anyone may have of life in the parish in past generations, and to look at written material that would add to its bank of knowledge.

If on the other hand anyone would just like to share their experiences verbally, someone from the society can visit them to have a chat and make a record of the conversation.

The intention is to make its archive available to all who are interested.