Art pops up in Swan Walk

THE latest ‘Pop Up Art’ on display in Swan Walk shop windows in Horsham is by Judith M. Smith and Jackie Hughes.

Judith, who lives in Horsham, was trained at Crawley and Northbrook colleges and has been a member of Emily Ball’s Contemporary Painting Group for the last five years.

Juggling a busy life as a working wife and mother, firstly as a film editor in London and later a freelance florist, left little room for painting but now she has more spare time she has been able to concentrate on her art.

She has had paintings accepted for the Chichester Open Art Exhibition, had a solo exhibition at Seawhite’s of Brighton in 2009 and will have a solo exhibition in November at Guildford Cathedral.

A childhood running wild in the country surrounded by animals and birds started a life-long passion, respect and concern for nature.

The paintings showing in Swan Walk are two of a series of ten paintings celebrating the crow.

Jackie lives in Oxfordshire and works in Buckinghamshire.

While at college studying for a degree in fine art, she worked with various objects and materials exploring their materiality and value as sculpture.

“However, I am now enjoying the experience of painting and my aim is to discover the qualities of the paint as material to express a feeling or emotion about the subject,” she said.

“The subjects are taken from my own experiences and I want the work to be both playful and curious.”

Last year she attended Emily Ball’s painting courses at Partridge Green and said she learned a great deal about pushing the paint and invention.