Appreciating God in science

Blue tits and snowdrops by Alan Price, Gatehouse Studio, Sussex Wildlife Trust
Blue tits and snowdrops by Alan Price, Gatehouse Studio, Sussex Wildlife Trust

As we enter into Lent, we are inviting reflections from our Horsham and South Downs churches. After a conversation with a friend, I felt compelled to start the ball rolling.

We were talking about Creation and our place in the universe. He said there are now studies telling us that our planet and our Solar System are uniquely placed in the Universe so conditions are just right for human and other created life. Meteors are diverted off course because of our position and because of the Earth’s magnetic field, solar flares that could damage us, don’t.

When I became a Christian, shortly after graduating from a Zoology degree studying human evolution and ecology, I was keen to find out where God sat in all of this.

At first I was afraid it would undo all I’d learnt at university, but I soon found God and science mix very well and we are discovering more and more things that make His existence more likely.

I don’t know if God made the Universe in seven days or if it took millions of years. I think it’s the latter, but does it matter? The first recorded words God said were ‘Let there be light’. If there was a Big Bang, then scientists have shown it would have started with a bright flash of light. The plants and animals came next and humans were last - quite similar to the theory of evolution.

I don’t believe God is opposed to us exploring this planet. I think He loves us asking the questions.

This Lent I challenge you all, atheist or believer, to take a moment to stop. In the busyness of life, we can miss all the little gifts out there for us to appreciate - right on our doorstep.

What about taking a moment to sit on a park bench and watch the birds, taking a walk in the South Downs and appreciating the silence or just gazing out of the window and watching the birds and just admiring the beauty of this planet we have to share with each other?