Appeal for unwanted school furniture

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A Southwater based charity needs help to improve the living standards in developing countries by supporting education.

Pageant (Projects Aiding Gambian Education And Natural Talent) was established in 2002 and aims to support education and related projects in The Gambia, West Africa.

Pageant helps many schools with facilities and equipment and for several years has been able to send out tables and chairs for nursery and primary schools that do not have the money to buy their own.

Several local primary schools in the Horsham area have helped in the past by donating their old classroom furniture when classrooms were being refitted.

Jayson Probin (pictured) who is now at Collyer’s, visited a Gambian nursery school that now has the chairs and tables that he used himself when at Southwater Junior School.

Ian said: “There are several Gambian schools that have appealed to us for similar furniture this year, but we have now run out of supplies.

“If any local schools will be re-fitting at the end of this term and will have classroom furniture that would otherwise be thrown out, we would be happy to collect it and send it out to The Gambia during the summer.”

Contact Ian and Pippa Howard on 01403 730 610 or email us at

Contributed by Pageant.