Anti-fracking campaigners lobby Lib Dem Conference in Brighton

stop dash for gas Brighton 2012
stop dash for gas Brighton 2012

Campaigners opposed to drilling for shale oil and gas in the UK lobbied the Liberal Democrat Conference at Brighton over the weekend.

Balcombe and Pulborough, both in West Sussex, have been mooted as potential sites for the energy exploration over the past year, and No Fracking in Sussex, set up by Vanessa Vine, has been a vocal opponent to Government deliberation on the technique.

Fracking involves pumping water and chemicals underground to split open shale rock and release energy deposits trapped inside.

Local environmental campaigners travelled to call for a halt to shale gas fracking.

The action coincided with the Global Frackdown on September 22 - a global day of action against fracking.

Liberal Democrat energy secretary Ed Davey is due to make a decision on fracking resuming in the Fylde following earth tremors in the area last year.

Brenda Pollack, Friends of the Earth’s South East campaigner, said: “We know that Sussex residents are concerned about companies wanting to drill for gas - there have been meetings locally - in Balcombe, Pulborough, Lewes and Brighton.

“This is an opportunity to hear more about the issue and to directly lobby Liberal Democrat MPs and delegates. Voters want to know where the Liberal Democrats stand.

“We have abundant clean, renewable energy sources and harnessing these could create thousands of jobs across the region.

“East Sussex County Council passed a motion earlier this year raising concerns about fracking for shale gas and West Sussex residents are voicing fears about the impacts too.”