Animal sanctuary enjoy evening with Lorraine Chase

Pictured here, Alexandra Bastedo with Lorraine Chase
Pictured here, Alexandra Bastedo with Lorraine Chase

ABC Animal Sanctuary Blog by Alexandra Bastedo

Life is never straightforward.

With the number of animals at the sanctuary always increasing we are having to tighten our security. Padlocks are being added to every gate and door and CCTV cameras will be going up.

One member of the public insisted that one of the cats on our website was HER cat. She lived in Amersham and the cat had been picked up by the RSPCA in London’s Tower Hamlets and brought to us.

Her cat was male, ours was female but this did not phase her “they often wander” she said. The mind boggles at the thought of the cat leaving the countryside and taking itself off to a highly populated part of London!

The animals themselves are always fascinating.

A new unwanted equine arrival called Bluey immediately fell in love with Nutmeg our one-eyed pony and refused to eat unless she was with him. The following day Bluebell, our arthritic Clydesdale horse, who had totally ignored him, decided she liked him after all and forcibly ousted Nutmeg in his affections. They are now inseparable and Nutmeg is back with her friend Misty.

However sadly at this time we are having to turn away many horses and were sorry not to be able to take in any of the Dartmoor ponies that are being put down but with only 10 acres and not enough volunteers to look after them it was not possible to take them on.

Unfortunately In the winter when horses need their diet supplemented with hay people balk at the expense and get rid of them.

Our orchard with its 12 foot high fence is not such an appealing refuge in winter even with its insulated chalets made by a kind volunteer.

With the temperatures dropping fortunately we have been able to find a kind home for Ziggy, the three- legged cat and Amy the white cat without a nose (it had been removed in a cancer operation 6 years ago).

We still have five other fit strays as residents there but will bring them into an indoor cattery if it gets too icy.

We have often heard of cat rescue centres having an incidence of cat flu but had until now escaped it. However a little kitten from a feral colony brought it in and infected some of the others. Fortunately we managed to contain it and with the help of antibiotics, vitamin injections, homeopathy, and eucalyptus steam treatments managed to pull most of them through.

However it was a great deal of hard work and we need to prevent it happening again. To that end we are now putting up an isolation block that an ex- cattery owner has given us.

Feeding, extensive vets bills, repairs, building – all of this requires financing and we are having to fund- raise constantly.

Our Evening with Lorraine Chase with Lorraine talking about her fascinating life was much enjoyed by all and everyone wanted the large pregnant donkey with 4 baby donkey foals inside which was the main raffle prize! “ Mad Dogs and Englishmen” at St Mary’s Church Storrington directed by Roger Redfarn with Christopher Timothy, Sue Jameson, Michael Cochrane, myself and a local choir was also much enjoyed.

But we do need your help and information on future events can be found on our website

We are also needing “ABC Champions”. For a standing order of £10 a month this entitles people to 4 annual guided visits to the ABC Sanctuary on working days apart from the usual Open Days.

Pictured here, Alexandra Bastedo with Lorraine Chase.