Amateur musicians hit the big screen

Horsham Symphony Orchestra recording in London
Horsham Symphony Orchestra recording in London

FILM makers and musicians from Horsham are hoping they’ve made an Oscar winner after the two talents aligned in London.

Forty members of the Horsham Symphony Orchestra went to the Sphere Studios in London to record their first ever music score for a film created by Horsham film company, Fact Not Fiction Films.

The soundtrack for the WWII documentary ‘Shady Lady’ was recorded on bank holiday Monday (May 7) which was the first time the HSO have had an opportunity to work in a studio of such high calibre.

Steve Dummer, the musical director of the orchestra, said it was tough to get the whole music score recorded in one day but they managed it after being in the studio from 10am until 9pm.

“The responsibility didn’t dawn on us until afterwards,” he said. “It’s the time factor, if you don’t get everything done it’s kind of ruined so you have to get things right and quite quick.

“The kit they had was absolutely massive. I think it is one of the best set out studios in London.”

Steve is hoping the experience will broaden the horizons for the orchestra which has members from the age of 14 to 70 plus.

“They took the names of all the players so I think the credits of the film will have the players’ names,” he added.

Chairman of the orchestra, Timothy Corbett-Clark, said it was a ‘fantastic experience’.

“We are amateurs so most of us have never done anything like that before,” he said. “Just being a part of it and wearing head phones whilst playing was really interesting.”

Tristan Loraine, producer and director of the film and CEO of Fact Not Fiction Films, said the day was a ‘massive success’.

“We can’t thank the orchestra enough,” he said. “The music score is totally awesome. The composer is Moritz Schmittat and he is the next Ennio Morricone in my view. That’s basically the equivalent of Michael Schumacher of formula one racing.

“The film has been transformed with the fantastic support of the Horsham Symphony Orchestra. I have never worked with them before but they had a real passion.

“I chose them because I’m keen to put Horsham on the map and it could go out as an Oscar contender.”

The film will have its first public screening at the Cannes Film Market in France on May 22 and the date for the UK premiere is currently being planned.

‘Shady Lady’ is the story of the B-24 Liberator aircraft called ‘Shady Lady’ that set off on the world’s longest ever bombing mission of WWII from Darwin to the oil refineries in Borneo, in 1943.

Shortly before running out of fuel ‘Shady Lady’ crash landed on a remote salt pan in Northern Western Australia after flying for 16 hours and 35 minutes but against all odds, she flew again.