Alpaca died after savage dog mauling

JPCT-16-06-11-alpaca attack
JPCT-16-06-11-alpaca attack

ANGRY owners speak of their disbelief as one of their alpacas is savagely attacked by a dog.

The incident happened on Saturday June 11. It is believed that an alpaca from Moonsbrook Alpacas in Wisborough Green, was either dragged from its pen or managed to get through a gap in a fence when it was attacked.

The owners think the incident may have happened between half nine and ten in the morning, after they had completed the feed and check round of the 400 alpacas.

Owner Melanie Brown said: “I feel so angry. We had just started loading hurdles into a trail for a school fair when we got a call from Mark Kimber, a helpful dog walker, saying one of our alpacas was laying in the footpath, 200 meters away, covered in blood.”

When the couple got there the alpaca was alive but in a state of shock. They called a vet who said they couldn’t do any more to save the animal and it was put to sleep.

The animal named Amelia had obvious teeth wounds either side of her head and it is believed the attack could have been done by a large dog such as an Alsatian or a lurcher.

Amelia had also been sold and the new owners turned up to collect her just before the vet arrived, Mrs Brown commented ‘not a great way to see your investment’.

Mrs Brown said: “She was found on a busy dog walking path. The dog would have been covered in blood so I am surprised that no one knows anything.

“Even if the owner had not wanted to own up they could have phoned and not left their name but said the animal had been attacked. Then we could have got there straight away rather than it lay in shock bleeding on a footpath for anybody to find. When livestock is so close people really should keep their dogs on leads.”

If you have any information please contact Sussex Police on 0845 60 70 999.