Alex stands and delivers a multi-purpose school aid

Alex Merrison with his design at William Penn. Picture submitted
Alex Merrison with his design at William Penn. Picture submitted

A Weald Sixth Form College pupil delivered an apron stand he designed which can also be used as a learning resource to his old school

Alex Merrison, a past pupil from William Penn School, had to design a product for a client as part of his final A2 assessment work for his product design A Level.

His apron stand can be used by Key Stage 1 children to help them learn their primary colours and how they are spelt and included health and safety investigations and was designed to be colourful, fun and functional.

He delivered the apron stand to the school on Friday, March 22.

Lesley Hart, teaching assistant at William Penn, said: “Alex approached our school and through consultation with our headteacher, Stephen Kear, and reception/year 1 teacher, Viv Jacques,

“It was important to Alex to combine the William Penn School logo in his work as this was also the School’s logo whilst he was a pupil.

“His design was completed using acrylic and wood and has been weatherproofed so that it can be used in all weather conditions by our pupils.”

Alex designed the piece as part of his Year 13 work and hopes to be able to undertake an apprenticeship in product design.

Pictured here is Alex delivering his design to William Penn pupils.