Aldi ‘actively looking’ for site in Horsham


With Aldi ‘actively looking’ for a site in Horsham, would you shop at a new store in town, and where do you think it should be?

The supermarket chain is considering Horsham as one of many other ‘requirement towns’ in the South East according to property listings on its website.

While Aldi has previously denied any plans to open a store in Horsham, the idea of an Aldi in the town has been broadly welcomed by shoppers.

Currently the closest Aldi stores are in East Grinstead, Portslade and Brighton.

The German-based company’s bid to take on the UK’s established supermarket giants has been widely publicised, with plans to open around 65 stores in 2015.

Would you shop at a new Aldi store in Horsham? Where do you think it should go? Comment below or email the newsdesk.