Air Ambulance in Horsham for suspected cardiac arrest

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An air ambulance was called out in Horsham today (Friday, April 19) to attend a patient with a suspected cardiac arrest.

Sussex East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAmb) received a call around 10am that a woman in her 50s was suffering from chest pains in Swan Walk shopping centre.

A spokesperson for SECAmb said: “The air ambulance was initially informed of the incident but they didn’t attend the scene.

“It was first thought that it could be a chest pain linked with a heart problem, but the patient had suffered a fall earlier on in the week and was suffering a pain in her chest and ribs as a result of the fall.

“We attended the scene with clinicians and were able to assess and treat the patient but she didn’t receive hospital treatment.”

SECAmb were on the scene until around 11.30am.