Activity day to raise funds for earthquake victims

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A HORSHAM woman, originally from Japan, is putting on a town centre event to raise money for people suffering the aftermath of the tsunami and earthquake.

Noriko Hughes, a shiatsu practitioner in Horsham, is planning a Japanese-themed day of workshops on April 9, from 10am to 5pm, at the bandstand in the Carfax.

Workshops will include ‘a taste of shiatsu’, music, origami, making bookmarks, Japanese children’s games, demonstration of tea ceremony and kendo and selling sushi and cakes.

She said she was moved to do something when she read financial aid was not as forthcoming as after other recent natural disasters.

“Everyone knows the most huge earthquake hit Japan on March 11. It caused the enormous tsunami, people lost their children, parents, friends, lovers, houses, and precious property in their hometowns in a minutes. And now, Japanese are in fear of nuclear effect.

“Japan in this time is in most need of the world’s help ever since the Second World War.

“Actually, charities collecting money for victims of the disaster in Japan are facing a struggle to convince the public that the country needs financial help.

“According to one report in the US, donations worldwide are running at one sixth the level they were following the Haiti earthquake, and a quarter the level of donations after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, because fundraisers blamed Japan’s status as the world’s third biggest economy, as well as competing appeals such as Comic Relief.

“However, I would like people to understand the huge level to which Japan was damaged. It is almost from Scotland to Dover. Can you imagine a tsunami affecting the area the same size as the east coast of the UK?”

Donations will go towards the British Red Cross and the appeal for funds in Japan. Anyone wanting more information about the day, to offer support or to give a donation can contact Noriko at