A teenager’s view on church

(L-R) Robert, Nathan, James and Elaine Rierson from Brighton Road Baptist Church
(L-R) Robert, Nathan, James and Elaine Rierson from Brighton Road Baptist Church
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A church, according to the dictionary, is a ‘building used for public Christian worship’, and if I asked everyone I knew, a large percentage of them would probably say the same, but this is not true!

A church does not depend on the size, shape, or age of the building, but on the people in it. It is not the place or building, but the humans who gather to worship and glorify God! A church is a family, a home away from our earthly home and a place to indulge yourself in godly words, songs, and people.

At Brighton Road Baptist Church, we are blessed to have a great facility to worship in and wonderful people, young and elderly, to talk to and be influenced by, not to mention the incredible staff who keep the entire organisation going.

That’s probably BRBC’s best point. The newcomers feel so welcome and at home, and I talk from past experience. The entire congregation oozes family. When my family and I first moved to Horsham and went to our first service, we were instantly welcomed into the church family. I felt so accepted. Brighton Road has been one of my favourite churches I’ve ever been to and I doubt that’s changing any time soon.

Another fantastic thing they have done the last couple of years is outreach. They started a sports camp that has brought in 111 12-14 year olds in just two years. The first year Americans came and ran some American sports such as baseball and basketball, but there were also dancing lessons. This year the Americans unfortunately couldn’t make it, but assured us that they would be back next year. In the Americans’ absence however, the church staff did a great job of running the event and witnessing to the youth.

Nathan Rierson, aged 13