2,000 council tax benefit claimants could lose out on £150 a year

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Latest news.

Around 2,000 council tax benefits claimants could lose £150 a year on average under proposals being considered by the council tonight (Wednesday September 4).

Horsham District Council is proposing to consult on a new local council tax benefit scheme, which will replace central Government’s abolished scheme.

Instead local authorities will receive the funding directly, but with a reduction of 10 per cent, equating to around £600,000 for bodies in the Horsham district.

In the district there are around 6,500 council tax benefit claimants out of 56,000 householders. About half of the 6,500 are pensioners, who are exempt from any changes. The proposals would protect those on certain benefits, principally the disabled, carers and lone parents with children under five from any reduction in council tax benefit.

The level of benefit will also be capped at the level of a Band D household and claimants living in properties in Bands E to H will have to pay the difference between the Band D level of benefit and the council tax charge for Bands E to H.

The proposed changes would therefore affect around 2,000 Horsham district residents who receive council tax benefit. If the changes are agreed these residents will have their council tax benefit reduced by an average of £3 per week.

The matter and decision to consult is to be discussed by councillors at Horsham District Council’s council meeting tonight. The meeting is open to the public to attend.

If agreed, the consultation with all residents is likely to start on September 5 and run for 12 weeks before the matter is discussed again by councillors.

Further details will be available online at HDC’s website or by calling 01403 215302.