18-year-old fell 25 feet in her sleep

A SLEEPWALKING Horsham teenager plunged 25 feet when she stepped out her bedroom window – and emerged totally unscathed.

The shocked parents of Collyer's student Rachel Ward, 18, were woken by a scream in the middle of the night, and went outside to find their daughter lying dazed and confused on the grass beneath her window.

But when they took her to hospital, stunned doctors gave the sleepwalking teenager a clean bill of health.

Her mother Sue, 48, told the County Times of the extraordinary incident at their home at Holmbush House, near Faygate, on Monday May 11.

"It's just so amazing and she came out of it totally unscathed," she said.

Rachel landed feet first after the plunge and her feet dug six inch divets in the grass. But despite an x-ray, CT scan and other tests, the only consequences were a neck ache and muddy feet.

"We were woken up about 11.15pm and heard her scream but it was coming from outside rather than her room," said Sue, a senior air hostess at Gatwick.

"I unlocked the front door and looked out and I saw her lying there.

Read the full story in this week's County Times.

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