Vision of the Bard

Shakespeare Unbound: A Gift To The Future plays the Brighton Fringe Festival at the Iambic Theatre Regent Street, Brighton, on May 10 at 5pm; May 11 at 2.30pm; May 12 at 2.30pm.

“As all biographies of William Shakespeare, this is essentially a fiction,” says spokesman Lee Anthony Town. “The known facts about the man are that he was born, married, had children, bought property and died. The rest remains conjecture.

“Shakespeare Unbound brings to life a plausible vision of a man of the theatre as viewed by a life-time friend and colleague. Drawing on his 40 years of experience as a professional actor and in depth research, Colin David Reese brings to life his unique vision of Shakespeare’s theatre.

“By giving the narrative to the man who was almost certainly Shakespeare’s closest friend, John Heminges, the play draws the audience into the excitement of Elizabethan drama in an original and entertaining style

“As Heminges recalls incidents from the life and times of his friend and colleague of thirty years, a man of the theatre evolves, from his origins to his death.

“It is not known why Heminges should have taken on the immense task of collecting the plays into one volume. One can only believe that some things are eternal: comradeship, professional respect, and an awareness of genius. It is high time that Heminges’ dedication be fully recognised and appreciated.”