Vincent and Flavia’s Argentine Tango

The passion and magic of Argentine Tango is heading for Sussex in an up-close and intimate couple of nights at the Brighton Centre (June 20-21; tickets 0844 847 1515).

Vincent and Flavia have stolen the hearts of the British public with their Strictly Come Dancing displays; now their Midnight Tango hits the stage.

“We feel very privileged that we were one of the first couples to do Argentine Tango live on national television,” says Flavia. “The fact that people are falling in love with it makes us very happy.

“It’s such a passionate dance. It’s such beautiful music, and the music tells the story. It’s really the music that inspires the dance.

“It is passionate but it is also very subtle. You have got ballroom and Latin and they are very show-offy dances. Latin is very full on with big arm movements, but this is very subtle, very personal. It’s very intimate. It is not about the audience. It is about the feelings that are going on. It’s very close embrace. It’s very genuine. The music just takes you away. You get lost in it. It takes you out of your every-day life.”

Except, of course, for Flavia, it is her every-day life.

Vincent and Flavia met when they were in their teens, in England, both looking for new partners with which to compete. By coincidence they were both Italian, and apart from working on their dancing, Flavia’s Italian improved and Vincent learnt to speak English.

As a duo, they triumphed with titles including UK Professional Ten Dance Champions 2002-2006, UK Professional Showdance Champions 2003-2006, UK Argentine Tango Champions 2006 and World Argentine Tango Show Champions 2005/2006

Having achieved all that they wanted with international, they came away from competitions in 2006 and moved into Strictly Come Dancing where they discovered a love for choreographing and performing shows.

Midnight Tango is the result.