Unconventional photos

The Arden & Anstruther Gallery in Petworth is once again showing unconventional photography and conceptual art by young photographers and designers from Kingston.

Entitled Last, it runs until June 4.

The coincides with the launch of Legacy, a book which celebrates Kingston BA students’ relationship with Paul Arden and his gallery from 2006-2011 and Paul’s influence as a teacher and thinker on the work produced in their five shows in Petworth: Strong Stuff 2006;

Unphotography 2007; Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite 2009; and Stolen 2010.

Spokeswoman Jeanette Nielson said: “Last will also be the last chance to see in the flesh, often literally, pieces from those four previous extraordinary shows. The work is raw, disturbing, lyrical, witty, shocking, thoughtful but always inspiring.”

Opening times - 11am-5pm, Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday. Arden and Anstruther

is at 5 Lombard Street, Petworth, Sussex; 01798 344411; www.ardenandanstruther.com.