Two-Headed: worth a second look

A THOUGHT-provoking play about growing up with a shocking secret will be staged at the Brighton Fringe Festival.

Two-Headed, by Julie Jensen, is billed as: “A captivating play about two friends whose lives are overshadowed by the dark events of their childhood, following 19th century Midwestern girls Hettie and Lavinia from ages ten through to 50.

“Immersed in a religious culture and conflicted by obligations to their community, the girls have to choose between accepting their lot or rebelling against it.”

The play had its UK debut in 2009 at Rose Studio, Kingston in the International Youth Arts Festival and at the CornerHouse in Surbiton, performed by Liz McMullen and Noor Lawson.

Vernon Nxumalo, National Theatre Entry Pass reviewer, said the play ‘transcends generations and cultures with its universally touching and thought provoking subject matter’.

Directed by Amy Bonsall, Two-Headed will be performed at Upstairs at Three and Ten (Fringe’s Best Venue 2008/09) in association with Otherplace Productions.

Dates: Monday May 7, 3pm, Tuesday May 8, 8.30pm, Wednesday May 9, 8.30pm, Saturday May 19, 1pm, Sunday May 20, 1pm.


Fringe Box Office: 01273 917272