Gaming news - EA man at Brighton conference

Eugene Evans, VP and studio general manager of EA’s Bioware Mythic, will headline this year’s Develop in Brighton Conference, which takes place at the city’s Hilton Metropole on July 10-12.

Eugene Evans has worked in the video games industry for the last 30 years, starting in the UK in the early 80s and stretching across two continents, numerous roles, multiple platforms, organisations big and small and a dozen industry makeovers.

He became infamous working for the famously short-lived Imagine Software – he was ‘the whiz kid who owned a sports car but was too young to drive it’ (according to The Sun).

Most recently, he’s the GM of the EA studio responsible for the operation of the massively multiplayer online games Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot. He has also guided the studio through the transition to new business models, with Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes and other unannounced free-to-play games in development at BioWare Mythic.

In July, he will travel to Brighton to deliver the Develop in Brighton Conference opening keynote address ‘A Survivor’s Guide: 30 Years in Video Games’.

Drawing from three decades of experience within the video games industry, Eugene will share the lessons he continues to learn as well as his view of the future of gaming and the future for Bioware Mythic.

He will talk about how important it is for developers to adapt and how they can stay relevant by taking the best practices of the past, avoiding fads, the importance of IP and remaining ever optimistic of the future.

“Every game developer and published in the world is confronting the disruptive ramifications of change from going free-to-play, digital distribution, the ever changing landscape with new platforms, and living in a post-iOS, post-Facebook more global era,” commented Eugene Evans.

“EA and Bioware are no different and I’m really looking forward to sharing the experience I’ve gained with my time at the studio - and with many other organisations over the last thirty years - to perhaps provide some insight from that experience to guide developers through what is just the latest of a long line of transitionary periods facing this industry and to prepare for, and succeed in, the future.”

Now in its seventh year, Develop in Brighton is Europe’s leading conference for the game development community. Passes can be bought from

Develop in Brighton includes the following tracks:

Tuesday 10 July: Evolve Conference

Wednesday 11- Thursday 12 July: Develop Conference, Develop Expo, Indie Showcase

Thursday 12 July: Indie Dev Day, Audio track