Game review: Nano SEGA Mega Drive

Nano SEGA Mega Drive.
Nano SEGA Mega Drive.

Most of us remember the SEGA mega drive way back in the early 90s when Sonic ruled. Well those days are here again with the release of this handy little gadget called the Arcade nano SEGA mega drive, and it’s a nifty little device.

Basically it’s a mini SEGA mega drive with 10 games pre-installed and it’s a bucket load of fun.

There are three versions available the Sonic (which I have) a puzzle and beat em up.

The Sonic version has 5 classic Mega drive games Sonic 1, 2, Sonic 3D, Sonic Spinball and Alex Kidd and with five bonus games; Air Hockey, Naval power, Cannon, Fight or lose and Checker.

The device itself is pretty small and this can be a bit fiddly if you’re an adult.

Yet this doesn`t take away what a nice piece of kit this is, ideal for travelling.

It’s a basic plug and play set up and connects to any tv via two RCA connectors (you will need a scart adaptor for older TVs).

Powered by a AAA battery, it’s ideal for keeping the kids quiet on those rainy days whilst on holiday.

Graphics are pretty basic yet very colourfull, which isn`t a problem as this is a Mega drive and gives the whole thing a retro feel.

Even that good old repetitive arcade music is there as well, so parents beware.

The cable could have been a bit longer as standing up in front of the TV does get boring after a while and it would have been nice to have a USB option so it could be used on a PC.

The console itself has four buttons and a joystick and works really well; getting the batteries in and out is a touch fiddly as you need a really small screwdriver to open it.

The games themselves are very retro with simple graphics and straight forward gameplay, although the bonus games aren`t as good as the classic Sonic games.

It comes on a key chain so portability is really good.


The arcade nano SEGA mega drive is a unique little device ideal for taking on holiday to keep the kids quiet or for travellers who want something different to play away from their smart phones.

I think this is a great idea and introduces the younger generation to some all-time classic SEGA games.

This is never going to be as good as a real mega drive but it’s great as a novelty for the retro gamer in your life, ideal stocking filler or birthday present and its reasonably priced to boot.

Nano SEGA Mega Drive

Plug and play

8 directional joystick and 4 buttons

10 built in games

AV cable

Dimensions: 6.8cm(W)x 4.1cm(D) x 3.2cm (H)

Price: £14.99

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