Students’ work on show

Interventions offers a site-specific work by Northbrook College BA fine art students at Chichester’s Pallant House Gallery (until June 5).

Spokeswoman Shelley Jarrett said: “Interventions is an exhibition of site-specific work by students on the fine art degree course. The work is the result of a year-long project in which groups of fine art students and their tutors met at Pallant House to discuss ideas for making daring and unexpected art works that could be situated anywhere in Pallant House except where you might expect to see them, on the walls of the gallery.

“The outcomes are in some instances incongruous enough to make you laugh and in others so subtle that you might do a double-take as you nearly walk past them. From the surreal humour of Maureen Hagger’s giant soft-sculpture clubs made from men’s ties, to the exquisitely-detailed miniature photographs by Yasmin Raphael, which lie almost undetected on top of the furniture that they depict in forensic close-up, the Interventions exhibition takes the Pallant House visitor on a journey of discovery which will help them to see the building and its contents through fresh eyes.”