Spoon bending and Uri

Uri Geller has seen Nathan Penlington’s one-man show Uri And Me (Chichester Festivities, Old Kitchen, Bishop’s Palace, Friday, July 1, 7.30pm).

It was rather worrying for Nathan that he brought along his lawyers.

“He’s famously litigious,” says Nathan. “He has tried to sue lots of people over the years, so that was the most nervous I have ever been on stage, but luckily I was OK!

“He even invited me to his house for lunch. He lives at Sonning, just outside Reading, and he has been there for nearly 30 years.”

And no, the cutlery at the table was the normal shape,

“But he has got a 1976 Cadillac that is covered with 4,000 bent spoons!” Nathan says.

So what’s the show all about?

“Essentially, I create Uri’s biography, the key points from his life. I recreate all of that ability for bending spoons, telepathy, dowsing… At the end of the show, I do the world’s first psychic fork-straightening trick! I think I have got a big career ahead of me straightening all the cutlery Uri has bent.”

So where does Nathan stand on it all? A believer or a non-believer?

“All of his abilities are things that should be questioned as to whether they are real or not, and hopefully the show walks a line between belief and scepticism. I would say that it is clear by the end just where I stand.

“But I have made a replica of Uri’s Cadillac out of an 80s mobility scooter. I try to emulate all that he does! Uri has been famous for longer than I have been alive.

“He has an amazing ability and such a long career. People think about the spoon-bending, but he has had an incredible ability to reinvent himself and remarket himself. I didn’t realise until I researched it that he has got six board games, that he has written more than 14 books, that he has written poetry, that he has got a pop album… It’s incredible what he has done.”

Tickets on 01243 780192 or www.chifest.org.uk.