Sir Patrick’s musical input

SELSEY-based astronomer Sir Patrick Moore’s is enjoying a starring role on song in a cosmic musical collaboration with Northumbrian musician Carl Cape.

Sir Patrick has written more than 60 books on astronomy and, since April 1957, he has presented all bar one of the monthly Sky At Night programmes, earning him a place in the Guinness Book Of Records as the longest-serving television presenter.

As a keen fan of The Sky At Night programme, Carl said he was struck by Sir Patrick’s incredible knowledge and his unique style and voice. Carl asked him if he would contribute a voice-over for a song, and Patrick obliged.

The song was written in Northumberland and was inspired by views of the Plough constellation over the Cheviot Hills and the moors whilst driving home to the village where Carl lives.

The lyrics were also partly written at Kielder, Northumberland which has an observatory and the Skyspace art installation.

“Kielder is the best place in England to stargaze due to its distance from any major settlement and the lack of light pollution.”

Carl was also moved to write some of the lyrics whilst visiting one of the world’s most ancient star observatories in the world, Stonehenge.

Carl said: “Northumberland is one of the best places in England to watch the sky at night as it has less light pollution than many places. It’s a beautiful glittering dark park.

“Sir Patrick Moore is a legend in science because he is so knowledgeable and he is one of the greatest-ever communicators.

“Working with Sir Patrick was great fun and his explanations about stars and planets have prompted much praise from listeners to my radio show on Lionheart Radio.

“He has been quite honest about the Glittering Sky music and thinks it is a ‘harmless racket’.

“I think he’s referring to the huge sound of the Led Zeppelin-style drumming on the track; we really had to keep those drums and the dub bass on the song - sorry Sir Patrick!”

Carl Cape’s single Glittering Sky is out on on May 1.