Seeking answers from the Almighty

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Three exclusive interviews with one Almighty God – where trespasses are forgiven, temptations are avoided and the answers you are looking for will be revealed…

Such is Prayer Meeting which heads for the Brighton Fringe this weekend, with dates at Upstairs at Three and Ten, 10 Steine Street, on Friday, May 11; Saturday, May 12; and Sunday, May 13 at 11pm.

Producer Zoe Robinson said: “Meet God. He’s bored. So he’s answering your prayers... An advertising executive, a virgin and a tree hugger have different problems, but they all seek answers from the same source.

“Fun, fast paced and with a blues electric cello these three short stories considers the possibility of the character known as God genuinely answering your prayers.

“With plays by Henry David, Strip Theatre is an ensemble with a focus on new writing. We strip away preconceptions by presenting sceptical, whimsical productions that encourage our audiences to laugh yet look afresh at accepted, popular ideologies. Productions are regularly characterised by the use of original live music, skewed vision and stimulating energy.

“Since 2009, our innovative productions have surprised and thrilled audiences by examining social, historical and cultural concepts in exciting ways.”

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