Scottish play and Chilled Shake

The latest Chilled Shake, presented by Rox Music & Arts in Bognor Regis, included the bloody ending of Macbeth.

Spokesman Robin Parker said: “Readers and drinkers were spared the blood but enjoyed imaginative acting culminating in the fight and the appearance of Macbeth’s head on a pole! This was the fifth in the monthly series of pub-based dramatic readings which began last November.

“More hidden acting depths were revealed as a changing set of volunteers completed the hilarious and beautifully written final scenes of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance Of Being Ernest.”

Robin added: “Chilled Shake, hosted by the Lamb Inn in Steyne Street, has been an amazing success for Bognor Regis. The reputation of this innovation has spread and Chichester Festivities will feature versions of Chilled Shake.

“But, it began in Bognor - organised and encouraged by expanding local arts organisation Rox Music & Arts. Let no one say nothing ever happens here! Local pub-goers have been introduced to and enjoyed the experience of reading and hearing wonderful language whilst others are learning from it month by month.”

The next Chilled Shake is on Monday, May 9 and as usual all will be welcome at the Lamb Inn in Steyne Street.