Rings with a personal touch

The bridal room at Wakefields
The bridal room at Wakefields

Charlotte Harding finds out more about a Horsham jeweller’s new bridal room.

Choosing an engagement or wedding ring is one of the most important jewellery purchases you will ever make.

If you look in your jewellery box while necklaces, earrings and bracelets will be worn one day and left at home the next your wedding and engagement ring has pride of place day in, day out.

Due to this, Wakefields in Horsham has expanded its fine jewellery range by sourcing new and exciting pieces for the Wakefields Worldwide Collection and recently opened its new bridal room instore.

“Our Brown & Newirth Boutique opened in mid October,” reveals Melanie Wakefield, managing director at Wakefields Jeweller.

“It was designed to create a luxury environment where customers can be guided through the process of choosing their bridal jewellery in privacy, with one of our expertly trained sales advisors. The boutique showcases the very best selection of engagement, wedding and eternity rings, which customers can view over a glass of champagne whilst relaxing in plush designer armchairs.”

The boutique houses a ‘vast array’ of Brown & Newirth designs.

The rings are handcrafted in fine metals of platinum, gold and palladium and often set with exquisite diamonds.

“Customers can choose one of the many existing designs but also have the option of customising it with their own requirements,” says Melanie.

“Brown & Newirth also offer a comprehensive bespoke service so your dream ring can be brought to life from scratch.

“Their design team use the latest technologies in scanning and 3D printing, coupled with precision lasers to ensure your vision is made reality down to every tiny detail.

“Each ring can also be engraved on the inside with a personal message, name or date, helping to create a lasting memory for the special moments in life.”

And while you can put your own twist on the designs there are some that are proving popular with couples.

For engagement rings, the halo designs are a particular favourite, these feature a central diamond surrounded by a circle of smaller diamonds.

“It is a vintage-inspired look that is very feminine and often complemented with diamond set shoulders for ever more sparkle,” says Melanie.

“With wedding bands the classic court shape is still our best seller due to a timeless look and comfortable fit.

“We offer them in a variety of gauges to suit different tastes and budgets and they can be set with diamonds or finished with patterns.”

Wakefields has also seen an increase in demand for mixed metal designs, particularly with men wanting to emulate the style of a bi-colour watch bracelet.

“The new platinum and rose gold styles also lend themselves to a satin effect finish which a lot of our customers love for a more subtle effect,” she adds.

With people able to add their own details Melanie says that patterned rings are a favourite as it gives couples a chance to choose something personal that reflects their own style.

“Brown & Newirth offer an extensive

range of patterns and finishes from

millgrain to hammered effects,” explains Melanie.

“They have even recreated the London skyline around the outside of a ring before using cutting edge laser machines.

“The possibilities really are endless.”

Wakefields, 11 West Street, Horsham. For more information on Wakefields, visit www.wakefieldsjewellers.co.uk

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