Not Sherwood - Slindon Forest!

Historians and the recorders of legend apparently got it wrong. The Lavant Players claim to have the proof.

It was never Sherwood Forest; it was actually Slindon Forest. As for Robin Hood, he was actually Robin of Lavant.

At least that’s the premise for their show at the end of January next year, for which auditions are now imminent.

Auditions for adults and children take place at the Lavant Memorial Hall on Wednesday, August 31 and Monday, September 5, both starting at 7pm. All are welcome. Simply download a form from The Lavant Players’ website -

Tony Hudson, in his first time with the company, will be directing his own version of the Robin Hood legend, a musical based loosely on the Prince Of Thieves retelling of the legend, but with popular songs thrown in including Bohemian Rhapsody and Mamma Mia.

Also thrown in will be a few changes designed to claim Robin Hood for West Sussex.

It’s all a bit of a mickey-take, admits Tony, who is promising plenty of fun with plenty of parts on offer, some of which may have to be doubled up, depending on the response to the auditions.

The company are also looking for chaperones to look after the child performers during rehearsals. Apply to the Lavant Players through the website. Training will be provided for any volunteer chaperones.